Los Angeles: Four died in California mass shooting


LOS ANGELES: Nearly four people died and several others injured after a gunman went on a run riot on Tuesday in rural northern California focusing people at a school and other sites.

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Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston stated that the attackers lost their lives by cops during the mass shooting which started at around 8:00 am in Rancho Tehama Reserve.  They targeted children at elementary school.

He affirmed no children lost their lives and the aim for the attack was uncertain. It is believed that the reason behind attack may be connected to a domestic quarrel and the olden times of differences with neighbors.

“It was very obvious at the beginning that we had a person that was aimlessly picking targets,” Johnston stated.

“This man was very, very intent on finishing what he set out to do today.”

The attacker has not been found yet. As per the reports, the assailant after doing robbery of a neighbor’s vehicle made attempt to enter the school but was failed as it was on shut down.

He stated, “The accused, who was donning a military-style vest, left the school premises to carry on his run riot and destroyed the vehicle at one point. Later, stole a second vehicle and was attacked in a gunshot with cops.”

Rancho Tehama native Salvador Tello noticed the accused attacking a woman and opening gunfire.

Another observer, Casey Burnett, stated the assailant was firing arbitrarily from his car.

Over 33,000 people lost their lives in United States from gunfire-related deaths earlier.

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Earlier, nearly 20 children and six adults died when the accused attacked them with the military-style rifle at Sandy Hook Elementary School.