Lord Rama Too Paid Memorial To His Father


Something done by reverence for ancestors is called memorial service. Those who pay Memorial to their ancestors, they make themselves  rich and their ancestors too  happy. Did you know Lord Rama also had to pay his father a memorial service. So at the time of excile when Lord Ram stayed in Pushkar his father Dasaratha’s memorial date was during that time only. Rama invited Brahmins and served them roots when they began serving food to Brahmins suddenly Sita got scared, and  went into the bushes.

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Lord Rama, fed the Brahmins with the help of Lakshmana. When everyone left, scared Sita Ji came back. Lord Rama asked Sita Ji the cause of that in appropriate behavior to which she replied '' Nath. As I went to serve roots to Brahmins in whom I saw the image of my father-in-law, so I could not come up against them, the power went out in shame for serving them roots, it is believed that the ancestors itself comes as the Brahmins.

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