Have a look at the ‘Drop Dead’ Beautiful Places in Sri Lanka

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Neighboring country of India, Sri Lanka is heaven for nature lovers. From romantic landscapes, stirring mountains, lush green tea gardens and golden beaches, the island nation of Sri Lanka is nothing short of magnificent. Plan a trip to this beautiful country- Sri Lanka.

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‘Ella’ is situated in the middle of beautiful countryside, with small vegetable plots, tea plantations on the hill slopes and forests on the tops. The mesmerizing beauty of this hill station can take your breath away.Nuwara Eliya-

Found in the 19th century, hill station Nuwara Eliya retains its colonial ambiance with its golf course and mock-Tudor buildings. For scenic rail ride,  this place is one of the most favorite tourist destinations. Experience the stunning views of the surrounding tea plantations, waterfalls and dramatic mountains the train takes you from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage-

The Pinnawalla Elephant Orphanage is a heaven for animal lovers! Watch the baby elephants as they enjoy a river soak!

Eager to take pleasure in skiing and trekking? Explore this beautiful hill station


‘Polonnaruwa’ gives you the view of ancient city life. The well preserved and full of archaeological treasures with hundreds of ancient structures like tombs and temples, statues and stupas will leave you in amazement.


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