London-bound easyJet flight rerouted to Germany after suspicious discussion between passengers, 3 detained


BERLIN, GERMANY: A London-bound easyJet flight was rerouted to Cologne on Saturday following “doubtful discussion” heed on board. The travelers were rescued from flight and about three men have been detained by the German police.

“The pilot of the flight from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana decided to land after passengers told flight attendants “that several men were talking about terrorist activities,” a police spokesman stated.

The jet was landed in a safe area of Cologne-Bonn airport at 6:00 pm in the evening and 151 passengers were rescued from the flight. The police officials recovered a backpack of three culprits which was opened up by the bomb squad officers.

The culprits were detained by the German police in Cologne later. Nothing suspicious was recovered from the backpack.

The flight was stopped between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm. About 10 flights were rerouted and 20 others got late.

High alert has been issued by the Germany police as recently several jihadist attacks were held in European countries.

“In compliance with the local authorities guidance passengers disembarked to allow additional security checks to be performed,” the spokesperson said.

“We plan to operate the flight tomorrow morning and so are providing all passengers with hotel accommodation and refreshments along with regular updates”, he added.

“We thank passengers for their understanding. The safety of easyJet’s passengers and crew is our highest priority.” He said.