Why Lohri Festival Is Celebrated?


Everyone knows 13th January date marks the importance of Lohri Festival. It is celebrated day before Sankranti. This festival holds great importance among people of Punjab as it is considered as harvesting season in the state and the conclusion of winter season. On this festival, people enjoy by doing bonfire at home as it is believed auspicious. Lohri celebrations are related with the cutting of Rabi crops. On this day, the sun comes into the zodiac of Capricorn which is considered to be lucky.

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For agriculturists, Lohri is special as this day is considered as starting of a monetary year. Lohri is celebrated in Punjabi families with great fun and frolic when a girl gets married or when a child takes birth. They organize party and invite their relatives. Several people perform dance on this festival.

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Lohri is related to the atmosphere changes. Things that are offered to bonfire during Lohri celebrations involve til, moongphali, revri, and chirwa. People make special Til Ladoo on this occasion.