Logic Puzzle with two answers going viral on the Internet, let’s see whether you can solve It?


A puzzle going viral on the Internet has everyone confused. The bizarre test, which requests you to discover a pattern between four equations, has two answers – and has led to various debates online. In fact, if the Daily Mail is to be believed, just a single in a 1,000 people can make sense of the second answer. Go ahead and see if you can solve it:

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The two answers to the puzzle are 40 and 96.

How, you ask? Well…

For the first solution, you begin start with 1 + 4 to get 5

Then, you add 2 + 5 to the first answer of 5 to reach 12

Thus, adding 3 + 6 to 12 gives 21

At last, 8 + 11 + 21 = 40

The quick answer, therefore, is 40, arrived at by simply adding each equation with the sum from the past equation.

The second answer is somewhat more confused

One way to arrive at the answer of 5 in the first equation is to add 1 to (4 x 1)

Following that rule, other equations will be solved like this:

2 + (2 x 5) = 12

3 + (3 x 6) = 21

8 + (8 x 11) = 96

As is only to be expected, the puzzle has gotten some hate on the Internet as well. However, many have brought up that both the answers are correct since it is not a math puzzle but a logic puzzle.