Live snake slides into cabin of Aeromexico flight


A snake dropped into the cabin of a flying plane over Mexico, frightening passengers and pushing the plane for an emergency landing.

 The incident took place inside an Aeromexico flight from Torreon, Mexico to Mexico City. A statement from the airline stated that once the snake was detected and the pilot informed about the same, the flight was given priority landing in Mexico City.

Video footage of the incident posted on social media showed the snake curling up against an overhead luggage compartment before crawling down towards the seat.

As of now, the snake is being considered to be a venomous green viper. Passengers took the rear exit out animal control workers were immediately deployed who took the snake into custody.

Though Aeromexico workers have ‘secured the reptile’ in Mexico City, yet the airline is investigating how the snake entered the flight. The airlines authorities have also reported that measure have been taken to prevent such incidents in the future.