This little black kitten has stolen officers’ hearts as well as the Internet’s love


There’s something about big cops and little animals together that makes most people go mushy. Possibly that is the reason behind why a punny post by the Queensland Police Service in Australia is circulating around the web with more than 20,000 responses and almost 900 shares.

“This little cat was considering becoming a purr-amedic however was feline the paw-lice life. He is presently wanted on numerous counts of taking officers’ hearts. #YouHaveTheRightToRemainAdorable” reads the Facebook post which is accompanied by two photographs of a small cat snuggling up to a cop.

The little black cat has clearly stolen the officers’ hearts as well as the Internet’s love.

“The little thing looks lovely just sitting on your shoulder. Simply think …. you won’t get acousted while you have it there. Cheers,” writes a client on Facebook. “How lovely. So good for a the police included. Every station should have a pet. Police require reminders of the gentleness and innocence on the planet with all the stuff they deal with everyday,” says another commenter.