List of Disney Original Shows Movies That Makes Everyone Remember Childhood Again


Hannah Montana: This show taught us that everybody makes mistakes and everybody has those days. Singer and actress, Miley Cyrus was in the lead in this show.

Teen Beach Movie: It’s story was about two young surfers finding love after magically becoming part of a musical.

Wizards OF Waverly Place: This show was thee T.V. debut of Selena Gomez. Wizards Of Waverly Place was the one show that made magic look cool in everyday life.

High School Musical: Only 90’s kid can know the songs of High School Musical by heart.

Camp Rock: Singer Joe Jonas was in the lead role. The amount of fan girling over him cannot be explained in words.

Descendants: There was fantasy, action, thrill and love all at the same time in this Disney show. It is interesting to see what happens when the teenage son of King Beast and Queen Belle invites the kids of defeated villains to attend prep school.