Liquor shops ban within 220 metres of national highways in Karnataka


Bangaluru: The state government has taken a decision regarding the liquor shop in Karnataka. The government issued an order for all liquor shops. There will be no liquor shop allowed within 220 metres of state and national highways.

After a recent meeting, the Road Safety Committee, constituted by the Supreme Court the State Department of Transport and Department of Excise, took a decision to vacate all liquor shops that are within 220 mt of highways.

Dr Ramegowda, commissioner, state transport department, has told the daily that there was a "clear direction to follow the road safety measures which include banning of liquor shops near the highways". He added that they have discussed this with the Excise department and shops that violate these norms will now be shut. Excise Department officials have also confirmed this to the daily.

Umashankar commissioner for the state Excise Department said that the shops will first be asked to shift and if they don't, they will be shut down.

The Road Safety Committee also discussed altering the curves on highways to make roads straight and launching road safety education in schools and colleges. Increasing highway patrolling was also on the agenda.