This is what your lipstick shade say about you?

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From the hair colour to the way you do your winged liner, every make-up thing reveals something about your personality. Also the kind of lip colour you prefer says a lot about your personality. Check it out!

Trending ‘Eyeliner’ styles for D-Day you should know

Red lipstick- Women who love red lip color are bright, vivacious and commanding. Just like the red color, you are completely dedicated and serious when it comes to work. You are also a hit with the opposite sex!

Pink lipstick- If you love pink lip shades, then you are likely to be super organized, sensitive. You ike to always think positive, no matter what the situation.

Purple lipstick- Purple shows that you are the risk-taker and the rule-breaker who don not settle for anything less. Within all that rebellion and ruggedness lies a sensitive and soft soul who is artistic and full of ideas.

Nude lipstick- If nude lip shade is your favorite then you are all about style and functionality. You are also likely to be emotionally stable and environment conscious. You are undoubtedly the matured one in the gang who offers the solutions rather than the problems.

Brown lipstick- Girl if you love brown lip colour then your personality is all about love and heart. She is kind, a true friend and also extremely passionate towards everything she does.

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Tangerine or orange lipstick- Girl with orange lips is the heart of the party. She is one with the great sense of humor, coolest jokes and especially those hottest dance moves.


Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures