I liked watching Aamir Khan’s emotional sports-drama Dangal: Chinese President Xi Jinping


Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi fortified on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting over something uncommon!

An enchanted Mr. Jinping told the Prime Minister that he enjoyed watching Aamir Khan’s emotional sports-drama Dangal!

In a first ever for an Indian film, Dangal has netted around Rs 1,100 crore in the Chinese Box Office, outperforming its local and worlwide accumulations.

After all the love it earned from Chinese audiences of people, Dangal has figured out how to awe the Chinese president himself in spite of the political pressures between the two countries.

The inspirational sports drama around an unyielding father and his young wrestler daughters has demonstrated that film can rise above all limits and touch anybody’s heart.

Indeed, even following a month since its release, Dangal keeps on playing in more than 7,000 screens crosswise over China.

Discussing the amazing responses the film gotten in China, an astonished and humbled Aamir Khan stated, “”I generally trust that language is not a hindrance with regards to innovative attempts and its achievement in China has proved that.”