Lifestyle Hacks of Rose Water


As winters have started, people are taking care of their skin a lot. During this season, the skin often gets dry due to cold air. People face several skin related problems during this season. The most commonly found skin disease in this season is of eczema. Home remedies play significant role in reducing the problem of eczema. Avoid taking medicines as it makes skin dry. Prefer to use rose water in winters as it helps to make skin soft and smooth.

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Dry skin people can apply rose water as it is very beneficial for skin. All you need to do, add 2 spoons of honey to 1 spoon of rose water and use it on your face. You will see a change.

Take little bit curd in a bowl and add rose water and rose petals to it overnight. Next morning, grind this mixture in mixy and apply it on your face.

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Make use of green tea on skin as it involves lot of anti-oxidants. It helps to detoxify the skin.