Lifestyle Hacks to remove extra lipstick


Girls apply lipsticks to make her lips look beautiful. But sometimes lipstick spreads and gets into dress. Today I am telling you a better way that help your lipstick to not get smudge.

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Image result for Lifestyle Hacks to remove extra lipstickIf you use lip liner before applying lipstick, then your lipstick will not spread too much and your look will remain throughout the day. It will help you a lot.

Related imagePrimer should be used before applying lipstick. This will remain for a long time and your getup will look very attractive. Also there is no fear of spreading it. Blotting paper or tissue paper should be used to remove extra lipstick. This helps the lipstick to not spread soon.

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Using the Foundation instead of Lip Primer proves very effective. It can be used before applying lipstick. By using it, the risk of spread of lipstick gets reduced. It will make you look so adorable.