Lifestyle Hacks of Egg peels!


Most of the people often make use of eggs in food, for skin or hair purpose to get shine and glow. During that time, they consider the egg shell as worthless and throw it in the dustbin. But maybe you do not know that egg shells can also prove useful to you. As the egg is considered beneficial for health, the egg shell is beneficial for the skin. Let us know which problems the egg shell helps to get rid of :

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Grind egg shells in a mixy and add vinegar to it. Later, apply it on your face, your skin will become shiny and glowing.

Apart from this, if you mix aloe vera gel along with the egg shell and then apply it on face, you will see lot of change. Your face will start glowing.

Image result for Lifestyle Hacks of Egg peels!If you are worried about the problem of pimples, mix egg shell powder with honey properly. Apply it on your face. Your pimples will go away.

Applying egg shells powder on teeth can be very helpful as your yellowing in teeth gets reduced.

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If you are facing any injury,  then you can apply egg shell on it and cover it with bandage. This will be helpful in filling the wound.