Lifestyle hacks of beer!


Consuming beer nowadays has become a fashion among youth. One must avoid having beer as it is very harmful for health. It has some pros as well as cons too. Beer is very beneficial for skin, check out how:

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Applying beer on skin helps to balance the pH level of skin. It doesn’t provide any harm on skin.

If you have black and white spots on face, then you can mix lemon juice in beer, apply it on the face for five minutes. Let it dry and then wash the face with clean water.

Image result for beerIf you are worried with the problem of a pimple, then you can apply beer on face as it is very beneficial in getting rid of pimples and acne problems.

Beer is very helpful in controlling Diabetes. It involves great amount of vitamin B12 and folic acid that helps to get rid of anemia problem.

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Daily consumption of beer helps to reduce blood pressure level.