Life Saved by Transplanting a “Dead” Heart


A sick man’s life was saved by transplanting a “dead” heart by the doctors and bring him back to life.

Dubbed “heart in a box”, is a new pioneering piece of technology that can preserve the organ and keep it beating for almost eight hours.

The heart  was transferred to 58-year-old Anthony Anderson was carried out by surgeons at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester (UK).

Anderson was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy which left him in urgent need of a transplant.

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Anderson told “When I got the call I felt very emotional – really happy, but of course sad that someone had to die to help me and I will be forever grateful to my donor.”

Wythenshawe Hospital is among only four hospitals in the world to carry out this unique procedure.

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In every 100 patients 15 people die while waiting for a heart transplant.

Doctors are hopeful this technology could save many lives.