Libya: 20 dead in Shootout in Tripoli; Mitiga airport shuts

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Nearly 20 people lost their lives and 63 others wounded as heavily armed Libyan militias clashed in Tripoli on Tuesday. This led to the shutdown of airport in city. As per Health Ministry, the clashes occurred between two armed forces that are seemingly associated with the globally-backed government.

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In the attack, militants involving an airline employee died who was making efforts to get home after Mitiga airport closed. Airport staffers were moved out from Mitiga airport following clashes. The photograph of Mitiga airport has gone viral on the social media that shows passenger plane with its roof shredded.

Special Deterrent Force was clashing with an adversary armed force headed by Bashir al-Baqara. The armed forces are partnered with the globally identified government in Tripoli.

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As per Presidency Council, al-Baqara’s men desires to discharge alleged al- Qaida and Islamic State members arrested at a jail close to the airport that is also operated by the Special Deterrent Force. The government has demanded al-Baqara’s men to send their weapons.


Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures