Lets See What Thursday Brought For You


Aries: Be careful not to make assumptions about how other people will or will not  behave today you can never predict how someone will react to surprising news. The people around you might seem like they are overreacting to your mind, but one person's overreaction is another person's reasonable reaction. It's time to live and let live, and stop worrying if other people aren't fitting in with the picture you have created in your head. Reality is more interesting than people give it credit for.

Taurus: If money is tight, today is the day to start figuring out ways to stretch it further. Cutting back on your expenses doesn't have to be painful — especially if you change the little things. For example, why don't you start bringing your lunch with you every day? And try washing your car yourself — get the kids involved if you have them, as it's great family bonding time. Weekends are just as enjoyable without one single trip to the mall. Use your creativity.

Gemini: Today, clean out your emotional closet. When you clean out a cluttered closet, you get a huge sense of accomplishment, so imagine what kind of good feelings will rush into your heart when you expel regrets, jealousy and grudges from your heart and mind? These negative feelings are doing you no good, so get them out! You will be amazed at how much lighter you feel and how much more attractive you become to others. Feeling messy and confused on the inside does not do wonders for your outward appearances.

Cancer: Juicy gossip has a way of getting blown out of proportion, so don't be surprised if you find out about something shocking that you are (supposedly) involved in today. When you do, nip this nonsense in the bud and set the record straight. Otherwise, it could morph into an even bigger story full of even bigger lies! You like being the center of attention as much as anyone does, but you should make sure it's for something you actually did, and not something people just think you did.

Leo: The only thing worse than tooting your own horn too loudly is being falsely modest! So if you did something worth crowing about, crow away! No good can come out of the 'aw shucks' act when you really don't mean it. Who are you trying to impress, anyway? If you want to impress them, point out to them what you just did. As soon as you start hiding your accomplishments, you start minimizing them and giving people an excuse to ignore them. It's the wrong path to go down, especially now.

Virgo: You'll get an interesting invitation to a social event today — and it could lead to more social events down the line, so it's in your best interests to accept it. Just make sure that you have the time it requires before committing — you wouldn't want to have to back out at the last minute. Despite your growing popularity, your mood is going to be more introspective and quiet today. It's a good time to finish up old projects or to catch up on errands.

Libra: An issue you were afraid would rear its ugly head is going to be a no-show today, which means that you've got nothing to worry about. This release of tension early in the day will help you stay flexible and stay cheerful. You are ready for anything right now, and other people can tell. It's likely that you'll get a few invitations or requests from the higher-ups. Something you've been working for over the past months is getting closer and closer. Today you might get to touch it.

Scorpio: Lately you have been letting yourself get caught up in the momentum of your days' activities — you're getting dangerously close to living life on auto-pilot. Like a leaf in a windstorm, you're getting tossed about and starting to feel a bit powerless over your situation. So today you need to remind yourself that the power is in your hands! The best way to do that is to make a change or two. Even if you simply drive home from work along a new route, you'll be the one making the decision.

Sagittarius: Crowds are not a very hospitable place for you today. What you need right now is to go off on your own and let your mind wander to your own worries and ideas. You can come to some extremely important realizations about yourself if you have enough solace and time. Go in deep on the deep issues and give yourself time to sort out how you really feel about things. Something in your life needs to be addressed, and you've been putting it off for way too long. Today's the day to tackle it.

Capricorn: Trying to put a smile on someone else's face is admirable, but keep things in perspective. If you exert all your energy on making other people happy, you will have nothing left over to make yourself happy! So today, reserve your energy for your own issues and concerns. Do not worry about other people thinking you are being selfish. There is nothing wrong with making yourself top priority every once in a while. You can't forget to treat yourself right.

Aquarius: After going through your routine for days, weeks, and months, it can be way too easy to turn off your brain and just coast on auto-pilot. But you owe your brain more than that. You can't let it go to waste. If you are not feeling challenged, then do whatever you can to challenge yourself today. Attempt a new sport. Try out a new hobby. See if you can learn how to cook something complicated. Put some hurdles in place and see how quickly you can impress yourself.

Pisces: You love having options, but today the choices are so varied that you are probably going to feel a bit overwhelmed by them all! Just don't panic and make a snap decision because you think that someone's starting losing patience with you. If you do, you will only end up going back on it a few days later when new facts come to light. Take your time today. Only when you take a good long look at how all your options might play out will you know exactly what you need to do next.