Lessons taught by Ravan to Lakshman while he was dying


The most important lessons taught by “Raavan to Lakshman Ji’ were three important points. Basically, he pointed out so many important points, but three were highly important, which were as under:-

Raavan told that one should not make any delay in performing Good or Shubh Karma, because, if its late, it is never completed and time of death appears in the mid. So, one should not delay in Shubh Karma. Raavan wanted to change sour water of ocean to sweet for drinking to all, but he could not do, because, he took the issue for next days.

Second was that Raavan wanted to build stairs to heaven from earth, which he could not complete it in his life.He could have done so, but he left it for tomorrow.

Third was, Ravana wanted to clear the position that no women be ever widow in any situation, in any Yug, which he could not do and Kaal stood before him.

Others points were-

One should not underestimate anyone’s strength, because, he being mighty King of demons, ignored the strength of human body and monkeys. Bhagwaan Sri Ram was in human form due to his blessings by Lord Brahma Ji. He thought that no human is capable to fight with him, but Sri Ram fought and finally he was killed by Lord Sri Ram.

You should not make your well wishers, your own enemies in any situation. He had made his brother and ministers as his own enemy. He did not heed to the words of his wife Mandodri also. Mandodri explained the facts of Lord Sri Ram to her husband Raavan.

Never underestimate the power of Bhagwaan. He has created all of us and whole creations, and must not judge Bhagwaan and his power any way low or underestimate. Lord is Supreme and no one should underestimate him and his demi gods.

Duty of King is to look after all subjects equally. A king should never make his own advisor, chariot driver, cook, Vaidhya (Doctor) and Minister his enemy by his own words and King should have firm faith on them. Raavan had ignored them.

A King shoul not be blind towards his supporters, but he should take attention on his opposite parties and those who criticise him. Becaue these are the persons who check the King to rule always properly.