Lessons of Lord Krishna to modern man


Astro: Lord Krishna during his avataric career taught many lessons to mankind. Most of His teachings were through His own actions. While His teachings are as infinite and innumerable as His names and forms, we are biased toward the following teachings (listed in random order), which we humbly find applicable to our modern lives.

 Lord Krishna is known as the principal protagonist with Arjuna in Bhagvad Gita and was also Arjuna’s charioteer who counselled him to fulfill his Dharma (duties) as a Kshatriya warrior by following the path of Bhakti (devotion) to attain moksha (liberation) from this materialistic world.


Lesson #1: We must perform our daily duties in life with utmost dedication and devotion, all while offering the results of our actions to God Himself.

Lesson #2: We should be generous in our daily lives. We come empty-handed and leave in the same manner. Our hearts should be as magnanimous as humanly possible.

Lesson #3: Life brings both joys and sorrows. Neither is permanent. Practice even-mindedness during both conditions.

Lesson #4: Love all beings! When you love unconditionally, you will receive love in return. This is the law of nature.

Lesson #5: He remained a true friend, a true lover, a true Lord, and a truly Divine teacher all the way to the end

Lesson #6: We, too, are one with everyone. There is no difference between us and others (at the atmic level). Feel others’ pain and do the best you can to alleviate everyone’s suffering.

Lesson #7: Always live a life of service. There are plenty of opportunities to serve beings around us. No act is too small, no task is too menial. We don’t have to build big hospitals. Small acts of loving service count just as much as big tasks. It is the intention that counts.

Lesson #8: Do your best to protect all around you, especially when it is in your power to do so.

Lesson #9: Always smile in life. This one is so simple; you can start at this very second.

Lesson #10: Never identify yourself with the body. The body is but a mere vessel encasing your real self.

Lesson #11: Practice unconditional love, no matter what others do to you. Forgive your enemies and move forward with life. In the material world, we may call ourselves friends, enemies, or relatives, but in the spiritual realm we are all one: Love and Light!

Lesson #12: Share your knowledge about God with others. Don’t force them, but do your best to help them transform.

Lesson #13: Trees bearing heavy fruits bend down. Even if you have accomplished great things, always remain humble and serve your fellow-beings with utmost humility.