Leopard killed by three womens in Haridwar


DEHRADUN: A leopard was brutally assassinated by three women in Haridwar on Monday. The reports revealed that three women who killed the tiger belonged to gujjar family of Chidiyarpur range of Haridwar forest division.

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Divisional forest official of Haridwar forest division,HK Singh said,”The leopard had sneaked into a hut where Bira, 19-year-old woman, was sleeping with her 14-day-old child. She woke up when the leopard attacked her. Fearing for her life as well as of her child, she confronted the leopard with a cane. Hearing the commotion, her mother-in-law and sister-in-law too came rushing with canes in hands from another hut in the vicinity. They surrounded the leopard from all sides and beat the animal to death. Later, forest officials took the carcass in their possession and cremated it as per the procedure.”

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He further added that, “Since the women killed the leopard in self-defense, they would be let off during the legal course of action.”