Lebanese village striked by fatal bombings


BEIRUT (AP) — The incident occurred on Monday when a series of attacks and bombings happened at a village near the Syrian border.

Witnesses and officials claimed that, in the attack five people died and around 30 people injured.

In the village of Qaa early morning on Monday, around four suicide bombers struck in the village, causing the fatalities and wounding 15 people.

The friends and family of victims on the evening gathered outside the church. A grenade was thrown by two men’s coming on a motorcycle, wounding another 13.

The statement was issued by army who recommended people to avoid gatherings and to cooperate with local authorities.

Governor Bashir Khedr proclaimed a curfew for Syrian refugees in the village and surrounding areas.

A security official said “the evening explosions took place while families of those killed in the earlier bombings were gathering to prepare for funerals.”

Lebanon's official National News Agency said 13 people were wounded in the late night explosions.

Rev. Elian Nasrallah, a local priest, said the explosions went off near the Saint Elias church and were followed by gunfire.

An eyewitness said that “a grenade was thrown by four attackers when they passing through the village before dawn”.