At Least 5 killed in Bahrain after security forces violence with ‘outlaws’


At Least Five people died in Bahrain after security forces carried out an operation near the residence of the kingdom’s Shia-Muslim spiritual leader and his group reacted with violence. On Tuesday, the operation was held in Diraz.

Security forces started fire that killed about several people after being assaulted with “hand grenades, iron bars, and bladed weapons and axes. About 19 security men got injured in the incident.

Around 286 people had been detained.

On Tuesday, It was indistinct whether Qassim was one of the jailed. A security officer stated that the prophet wasn’t the aim of the operation.

“It is unlucky that these young people fall victim to these acts, which are driven from abroad,” the Interior Ministry statement asserted.

The action was held after Qassim’s imprisonment this week to one year in jail. He was deferred for three years on allegations of corruption. The prophet suffers exclusion from the kingdom after authorities cancelled his citizenship in 2016 for alleged connections to Iran and fomenting aggression, allegations he has refused.

The fighting is likely to lift tensions in Bahrain and the region.

Ebtasam Alsaegh, from the neighbouring village of Bani Jamra stated, “The situation is terrifying.”

Bahraini MP Abdullah bin Huwail asserted, “The security operation revealed the government’s resolution to tackle an Iranian-backed security risk.”

“Some areas in Diraz village had transformed into a teeming sanctuary embracing terrorists, saboteurs, and fugitives from justice,” bin Huwail affirmed.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif criticized the security operation.