At least 3 killed in car bomb explosion in Mogadishu


Mogadishu: Police officials conveyed that, three people killed and six other wounded in a car bomb blast in Somali capital Mogadishu.

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Ahmed Mohamed Mohmud representative of the Ministry of Internal Security also conveyed that on Friday the explosion occurred close to Ambassador Hotel along Maka Almukarama road in Mogadishu which was the deadly assault that asserted 10 lives barely a week before. Mohmud further stated that the blast loud was so hard.

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Police officer Mohamid Ali assured that at about 7 pm blast took place and at least three people killed and six other wounded. Security officials are investigating the area for more details. They could be seen along the streets of the city as they stopped vehicles for search.

Witness Shire Nur also further stated that, the blast was so loud and huge. My house shake and we learnt it was away in Tree Biyano area. The spot been cordoned off by forces as ambulances rushed the wounded to hospitals.

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