At least 27 killed in shipwreck in Congo


Congo: On Thursday night to Friday in Congo, 27 people dead and 54 others were missing following a whaling ship smashed on the Kasai River in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Jacques Mbila, the administrator of the territory further stated that, I confirm that we have 27 dead bodies.

The sinking happened in front of Idiofa. Mbila further added that, congestion and intoxication of the team were the reasons of the sinking.

As per the administrator, the fatalities were on holiday. The whaler was leaving Dibaya territory for Ilebo when the mishap occurred at the bend of the Kasai River, towards the Idiofa territory.

The river Kasai is used for transport from the Congo River to Djokupunda. Overfilling is one of the main cause of shipwrecks on rivers in DR Congo.

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