At Least 229 govt doctors in Rajasthan ‘missing’


Nearly two hundred and twenty nine government doctors have gone ‘missing’ in Rajasthan which leads to the lack of physicians in the state. The data revealed that the city has been witnessing 27% deficiency in doctors.

These medical officers have not been working from past one or two months.

As per Rajasthan Service Rules, if a government employee is not present in the office for more than a year, he or she can be eliminated. Till now, about 13 doctors are missing from medical and health departments.

A month back, the data of missing doctors reached to 269. Nearly thirteen were eliminated, 16 permitted for rejoining, four resigned.

There are 11,121 posts of restorative officers – MBBS specialists – in Rajasthan. Out of this number, 3,025 posts are empty. The administration has chosen 684 new specialists and the arrangement is under process. This will cut down the opportunity to 2,377. The restorative officers are posted at wellbeing sub focuses, essential wellbeing focuses (PHCs), people group wellbeing focuses (CHCs) and locale healing facilities.

The state has 14,407 sub focuses, 2,079 PHCs, 52 urban PHCs, 579 CHCs and 32 locale doctor’s facilities.

Dr VK Mathur stated, “The more serious issue with missing specialists is we can’t designate new specialists in their place keeping in mind that they ought to turn up before their administrations are ended.”

Under segment 84(3), an administration worker, including specialists, was evacuated in the event that he/she was lost for a long time yet this control was later revised to one year.

An authority of the office, who would not like to be named, said most medicinal officers disappear to get ready for admission to postgraduate courses. “In the event that they pass and get a branch of their decision, they quit, else, they report back to work with a leave application,” he said.

The legislature is permissive about reclaiming such specialists on account of the tremendous opening however the restorative officers miss out on augmentations and advancements.