At Least 18 dead in attack on Afghan burial


JALALABAD: Nearly 18 people died and 13 others injured in a blast that occurred in Afghanistan’s restive east on Sunday. No one has claimed liable for the attack.

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The speculations are doing round that it was carried out by suicide attacker. “The blast was held by a motorcycle bomb our probe has finished,” Nangarhar governor spokesman Attaullah Khogyani affirmed.

The death toll was noted to be 18 while 13 others got wounded in the attack.

The blast occurred at the time of the funeral rite for a former governor of Haska Mina district who lost their lives recently.

The photographs of incident have gone viral on the social media. It shows pools of blood, shoes, clothes, and hats speckled on the ground.

The attack was held few days following IS attack Shiite cultural centre in Kabul. The incident takes the lives of nearly 41 people and over 80 injured.

Over 8,000 militants died or injured in clashes in the first nine months of 2017, UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan reported.

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The terrorists from the group on December 18 attacked an intelligence training compound in Kabul leading to powerful firing with cops.