At Least 11 sent to prison For Murder Trial On Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina


DHAKA:  Nearly 11 people have been detained after Bangladeshi court orders today for trying to kill 28 years back at her home.

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Bangladesh Dhaka court also issued life imprisonment to the culprit for carrying out bomb blast on the in year 1989 at the residence of Ms Hasina.

The court issued a penalty of 20,000 taka ($ 240) on the culprits who was involved in the assassination of Bangladesh’s first president and the Father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in year 1975.

After assassination of Bangabandhu, the BFP had ousted Bangladesh’s post independence Awami League government.

“Eight of the convicts faced the trial in person and the rests including Freedom Party chief and sacked lieutenant colonel Abdur Rashid are on the run,” a prosecution lawyer of Dhaka Fourth Additional Metropolitan Sessions Judge’s Court stated.

Earlier, Rashid had been given death penalty for the assassination of Bangabandhu, the father of Hasina, 70.

Bangabandhu was murdered in year 1975. He is believed to be the inspiration at the back of the freedom of Bangladesh.

The culprits were given 10 years jail term in two different allegations, a whole of 20 years, officials affirmed. One culprit was released as the allegations put against him were not verified.

As per the complaint, nearly seven or eight armed members of the BFP reached to the home of Bangabandhu in Dhanmondi area on August 11 in year 1989.

The case revealed that the culprits targeted the then antagonism leader Hasina’s 32 Dhanmandi home and even carried out gun attack and bomb blasts.

Two cases were filed and charge sheets mentioning 16 people lodged in year February 1997.

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Eight years back, nearly five of the 1975 coup leaders were hanged.