Learn the method of consecration of the statue in the temple


God's are anointed in temples on special occasions. The consecration is done with water, panchamrit, and some other ingredients. The consecration in temples should be done with full faith as well as with all rituals and ingredients. The consecration in the temples is done of idols made up of marble. During the consecration the reputation of idols is vital.

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It is believed that the lives of God are installed in the idol. Before the setup of idols  navagrah  are drawn at that place and then the idols are kept their with all the rituals. It takes 48 days to honor life methodically. Rituals following these days makes the place warm.

Therefore, it is assumed that the temperature inside the temple is cold, where gods are anointed. The temple priests completes the process of consecration. Every day after worship and ritual offerings is distributed to devotees. Do you know how to do consecration. Let us show you how to anoint …

Anointed with Kumkum: –

Kumkum is offered firast, it is necessary to put Kumkum on all the idols.

Anointed with milk –

Milk is considered as the most sacred, milk has many aesthetic qualities and therefore, it is necessary to anoint. The statue is bathed withy milk.

Anointed with yogurt –

After bathing the idol from milk, it is bathed with curd, yogurt is also inserted in Panchamrita. It is believed that the children get blessings.

Anointed with honey: –

Honey is a very important element, honey is also put in Panchamrita. As its taste is sweet the language and dialect also becomes sweet and perhaps for this reason only the idols are anointed with honey so that you can also get such sweetness while anointing.

Anointed with sugar –

Either sugar cane juice or sugar is used in Panchamrita, it helps the health to remain good and negative thoughts, do not come to mind, as well as the body is trim. Perhaps this is the reason which makes consecration to be done with either of the two.

 Coconut water: –

After breaking the coconut, the water is anointed on the idol and is bathed with it, it is believed that this brings peace and life and the people don’t become greedy.

Nuts and banana –

Raisins, cashews, dates, figs, etc., as are plated in front of the statue as offerings and bananas are also offered. These small pieces are placed on the statue.

Anointed with water :-

Finally the statue is bathed with water, Ganga water or any other sacred river water is brought by the priest.

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