Lata Mangeshkar breaks her silence of Tanmay Bhat’s SnapChat video joke


Mumbai: AIB fellow benefactor Tanmay Bhat has been standing out as truly newsworthy for all wrong reasons. The entertainer drew monstrous fire for his "disagreeable" joke on two Bharat Ratna beneficiaries – Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar – a couple days back. Furthermore, now, the veteran artist appears to have at long last ended her quiet in general disaster.


A report in a newspaper recommends that the fanciful performer is not resentful due to the joke but rather it wound up pestering her admirers.

In a meeting with a newspaper, the vocalist loved as the 'Songbird of India' said, "Log bahot pareshan ho gaye. Mujhe yeh bura laga. I don't care for individuals getting bothered due to me. I need to guarantee all my well-wishers that these (satires, and so on) are little matters. There are far more noteworthy issues in life. We should not give undue significance to the individuals who blossom with insulting individuals. I am certain they have their purposes behind doing what they do."


Mangeshkar hasn't viewed the video yet on the grounds that she doesn't get influenced by trivial things since she has confronted enough hardships in life since she was a young lady.