Last month was the hottest April on record says NASA


Washington: According to the new data released by NASA, last month was the hottest April on record and the seventh consecutive month of this year to be among the hottest on record.

The new record broke the previous one by 0.24C, which was set in 2010, above the baseline average for April.

NASA figures released show the global temperature of land and sea was 1.11C warmer in April than the average temperature for the same month during the period 1951 to 1980.

It is now the third month in a row the monthly record has been smashed by at least 1C. In February, scientist was already talking about a “climate emergency”.

The weather system is characterised by the release of warm water across the Pacific Ocean, and it's believed that rapid global warming also added to these temperatures.  

Most experts believe that human activity is contributing to serious changes in the Earth's climate.