Laser Hair removal can cause Cancer


New Delhi: According to researchers, smoke from burning hair could be awful for you and worst for those who are frequently exposed to the smoke as it contains chemicals that annoy the airways and are known to cause cancer. Laser hair removal treatments may seem worth the big price tag, but it turns out, with the smooth, hairless skin comes a fitness risk. Dr Gary Chuang of the University of California also conveyed that, laser hair removal carry out by improperly trained personnel or in an insufficiently equipped facility will put both the healthcare workers and patients at risk. He also further conveyed that, the practice should only be performed in spaces with ‘an adequate air filtration system and a smoke evacuator.

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The squad composed hair samples from two volunteers, sealed the samples in glass jars, treated them with a laser and captured 30 seconds of laser plume. They recognized 377 chemical compounds in the smoke, counting 20 that are known environmental toxins, such as carbon monoxide, and 13 that are recognized or suspected to cause cancer.  The investigator also further conveyed concluding that, the burning-hair plume free throughout laser hair treatment should be considered a ‘biohazard, warranting the use of smoke evacuators, good ventilation, and respiratory protection.

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