This lake is the China’s Best Tourist Destination to explore


A variety of things in the world are worth seeing, but among them one is the China’s best lake named as Yungchen Salt in China’s Shanxi province. From this lake Salt is being extracted from the past 6 thousand years.Image result for chinas Yungchen Salt lake

Know why tourists like to explore this place?

The specialty of this lake is that during the autumn season because of the increase in temperature, the color of the lake water changes.Image result for chinas Yungchen Salt lake

In this autumn season the water color of the lake appears purple and green. 120 Square Km broad this lake produces the third largest sodium sulphate in the world. You will be surprised to know that the mud surrounding this lake attracts tourists towards it.

Some interesting fact about the lake is that, there are 7 different types of minerals found in the sludge deposited on the banks of lake which are very beneficial for skin. This lake is considered as China’s best tourist destination.

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