Lahore High Court filed Petition to not buy Voting Machines From India


LAHORE:  Lahore High Court has filed a petition to not buy electronic voting or biometric machines from an Indian company.

Petitioner, Advocate Azhar Siddique said, “The Pakistan Election Commission proposed offer to buy electronic voting machines since it intended to hold the next general election on biometric system.”

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"Three Indian companies – Indra Kamra, Reliance and Morpho – have also submitted their bids and ECP is likely to approve bids of the Indian companies and choose one of them. It will be dangerous for Pakistan's security if electronic voting and thumb impression machines are purchased from Indian companies," the petitioner added.

The electronic voting systems should not be earned from any Indian company for security concerns. He further added that, ‘Court must stop the Pakistan Election Commission from acquiring the system from the Indian company.’

The hearing of the case will be heard by the court next month, a court official said.

Moreover, Pakistan Election Commission spokesman said, “No Indian company has been shortlisted for the project so far. The biometric machines will be acquired after security clearance.”

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