‘Lagaan’s’ Captain Russell to visit Delhi


New Delhi: 'Indians might remember him as Captain Russell, who was beaten in a memorable cricket match by Aamir Khan in 'Lagaan'. But even though he visits India in the middle of another India-England series, cricket might not be on the mind of actor Paul Blackthorne, who portrayed the menacing Captain Andrew Russell in the 2001 hit. 

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The British actor will be visiting Delhi in the second week of December as the special guest at the Delhi Comic Con. Paul will be in Delhi from December 9-11, where he will attend all three days of the Comic Con. Sources say that the actor is keen on exploring the country where he shot for 'Lagaan' all those years ago, but a hectic schedule might make travelling tricky.

To the Indian fans, Paul might be Captain Russell from 'Lagaan', but the actor has since worked in some successful TV series such as 'ER' and '24', and is currently a favourite of comic book fans for his portrayals of Detective Quentin Lance in 'Arrow' and Harry Dresden in 'The Dresden Files'. The 47-year-old actor has had a long connect with India and he has utilized his talents as a photographer to support several Indian causes over the years.

 In 2001, after the Gujarat earthquake destroyed the apartment where he had stayed while shooting for Lagaan, the actor showcased an exhibition called 'Bollywood Backpack In London' to support the quake victims. More recently, he showcased an exhibition called 'Delhi To Manhattan', which was in support of Tibetan children living in Dharamsala.

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