Kylie Jenner wore world’s WEIRDEST cropped neck!


We realize that Kardashians and Jenners are pioneers when comes to fashion and excellence! They begin a pattern and the world promptly follows!

It’s difficult to stay aware of the many style proclamations they make and Kylie is very nearly beginning yet another pattern and we have no clue what it is!

Kylie recently wore a cropped grey Harley Davidson sweat shirt and when we say crop, we mean it the distance!

We are scratching our head wondering what is the purpose of wearing it at any rate? What’s more, where’s the bottom half?

This is what it would seem that:


Presently you realize what truly matters to us!

She is unmistakably an aficionado of the look as she ventured out again on Thursday wearing a super trimmed cropped crew neck with a beige tank top and ripped jeans!


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It won’t be long till this look discovers it’s approach to runways and stores!

What a time to be alive!