‘Kurdish Angelina Jolie’ Known as Female Soldier killed in a battle Against Daesh


A 22-year-old Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Unit (YPG) warrior, referred to in the West as the 'Kurdish Angelina Jolie' has been slaughtered in a conflict with the Daesh psychological militant gathering in the north of Syria. 

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Asia Ramazan Antar earned her moniker after her photographs showed up on online networking and turned into a web sensation, with individuals around the world taking note of her unpleasant excellence and similarity to the globally prominent dissident and film on-screen character. 

Antar, a heavy armament specialist and affirmed women's activist, battled Daesh radicals starting at 18 years old, apparently assuming keys parts in a few key fights. Two years back she joined YPJ, the all-ladies unit of YPG, planning to free ladies from patriarchal control in the place where she grew up. The gathering of around 10,000 volunteer female warriors is associated to the Democratic Union Party in the Kurdish locale of Syria, and battles strongly to expel fear based oppressors from Kurdish region. 

As per Syrian Kurdish media, Antar was killed Wednesday in a battle between her military unit and Daesh psychological militants close to the as of late freed city of Minbic, around a mile from the Syrian fringe with Turkey. Antar apparently attempted to stop an assault by three Daesh suicide planes who drove autos at the Kurdish forefront position. 

YPJ representative Commander Shirin Abdullah clarified that Antar and her countrymen exploded two of the autos yet the latter was close when it detonated. Abdullah remarked that Antar wouldn't fret being contrasted with Angelina Jolie however favored that the examination be made in connection to the Jolie's activism, social work and administer to casualties of savagery and destitution around the world. 

The passing of Antar was initially declared on the "We Want Freedom For Kurdistan" Facebook page. In the remarks she was depicted as a furious contender and a legend. As of now, around 50,000 troops battle with YPG, and exactly 20 percent are ladies.

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