Kriti Sanon Has Decided to donate her eyes


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan created major awareness about eye donation, when she pledged to donate her beautiful eyes, several years ago and now, Kriti Sanon has taken a leaf out of her book.

News is actress Kriti has decided to donate her eyes. The actress strongly feels that it’s a sheer blessing to be able to experience see and witness this big beautiful world. And so Kriti has pledged her eyes.

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In fact, the actress is also encouraging others for the same cause and feels more people should take this up. It is a sheer brave step that the actress has committed to at such an early stage of life.

When contacted Kriti shared, “It is something I have wanted to do since many years. I really feel that it is a blessing to be able to see this beautiful world. I would love it if my eyes can brighten someone’s world at some point after i die. I feel more and more people should pledge to donate their eyes”.

Meanwhile, Kriti  Sanon is busy with her upcoming film Raabta.

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