Kota: 45-yr-old Railway employee committed suicide


Kota: A shocking incident occurred in the city on Monday when a 45-yr-old man committed suicide by jumping before train on Delhi -Mumbai track. He was working as sweeper in Indian Railways at Gamach station in Keshoraipatan police station of Bundi district.

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On Monday the occurrence happened between 3pm and 3.30pm. SHO at Keshoraipatan police station, Ramanand Yadav also conveyed that the dead recognized as Raju Harijan and was reported to be ill for a long time because of which he took this tremendous step.

SHO further added that the deceased because of being ill, not coming for his duty for long time. Police officials further conveyed that he was troubled by his illness so he kills self by jumping in front of train. No suicide note was recovered from his possession.

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Police officials further conveyed that further investigations in the matter is underway and the deceased body handed over to Government Railway Police (GRP), Kota for the post-mortem.