Komal Ahuja’s second book “Take me home, TO LOVE” launched at Indralok Auditorium


The launch of Komal Ahuja’s second book, “Take me home, TO LOVE” took place on Sunday the 30th of July 1017 at Indralok Auditorium Narain Singh Circle. On a moist rainy morning a lot of well known citizens of the city came to attend the launch .Shobhal Singh ,a social activist and an entrepreneur was the chief guest and Jasbir singh ji, the chairman of the minorities commission was the guest of honor. Anita Hada Sangwan of the Aapki Baat fame was the moderator of the event.

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Set in Gujarat, Take Me Home, To Love, it is a story of two friends, Chandrika and Amba, who let their children pursue their destinies and their children, like each one of us struggle to create a fine balance between our own ambitions, aspirants , struggles and the need of our parents to be with them, especially during their twilight years.

The author Komal Ahuja says that it’s time we stop  assuming that our children know that it is their duty to take care of their parents and begin to teach them this old age value once again which lies bleeding today.  Through this heartwarming story she hopes that she will sensitize her readers towards the cause of the elders.

The book has been receiving rave reviews already and is available in all leading book stores and  all online marketplaces.

The book has a universal appeal ,all of us have parents and we are all somebody’s children. We get so busy in our lives that we are unable to find time for our elders which is just not fair to our parents who give us all that they have. It is not just important to love and respect them it is equally important to be there for them during their twilight years.

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Please read the book she requested everyone and help her spread some sensitivity and some smiles.