Kolkata’s Most Haunted Places


When it comes to travel, Kolkata, The City of Joy has countless options that one can explore during their visit to the city. But, not all travelers are alike, some like old building, some are more interested in rumored stories. If spooky stories about well known public places gets your attention , then read along for the most haunted places in Kolkata –

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1.Writer’s Building

This old building serves as an office to administrative employees but such is the reputation that no employee stays back after sunset. Some of the rooms in the building are vacant and have not been opened for decades. As per the many stories that make for this place’s reputation, these closed rooms are haunted and evenings bring about strange occurrences like high-pitched giggles, screams and whispers. Investigations have revealed no specific reasons for any of these happenings, making the place quite spooky.

2. Ghats of Ganges

The wrestlers who practice in that area on a daily basis claim that they see flailing hands in the river and they are not sure whether those hands are of human beings or some spirits playing tricks with them.  People believe that there are the spirits of those people who lost their life in the Ganges- either by committing suicide or by drowning. Some people also recall the incident of witnessing a lady in white, sobbing and calling their name in a nasal tone which lure them into a state of trauma or to their deaths.

3.National Library

Apart from the rich literature, the National Library of Kolkata has its own stories to offer to the readers. Many paranormal activities have been recorded in the national library. You might want to ask the guards who are afraid to take night shifts in the library.

4.House of dolls or Putulbari

There are some inhabitants in the house till now, but no one dares to visit the upper stories of this haunted house. If you are seeking for some paranormal adventure in Kolkata, you may surely try visiting Putulbari. The huge architecture of Roman style along with some dolls on stands just multiplies the spookiness of the place and will immediately give you jitters when you see it. The Babus (wealthy owners) who inhabited the place in the old days used to sexually exploit young women here and even killed some of them. Now it is said that the spirits of the women are still haunting the place in order to seek justice. Deep in the night, one may sense a shrill laughter or even clinking of bangles and anklets

5.Nimtala Burning Ghat

Located in Central Kolkata, Nimtala Burning Ghat is one of the oldest in Kolkata, and is believed to be one of the most haunted places around. You can see paranormal sightings here on the night of Kali Puja when the “Shamshaan” Kali is evoked by all in the dark hours of the night. According to a local, on the nights, the “Aghoris” come (their names shouldn’t be said out loud, according to the locals) and they feed on the leftover flesh from the burning pyre and use them to evoke occult powers.

6.Hastings House

An old establishments in Alipore, the Hastings house is named after the  Governor General Warren Hastings . Presently, its a Women’s College of Calcutta University. Many time the college students have noticed unnatural and spooky activities happening in the university. Reports of a woman being possessed and a boy dying on the football field has made this place one of the most talked about haunted places in Kolkata.

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