Kolkata is most secure city in world: Mamata Banerjee


Note-e noi, vote-e thakun (stick to votes, not stamping cash) — with these extreme words Mamata Banerjee pulled up her gathering councilors — notwithstanding singling out those from Bidhannagar-Rajarhat Municipal Corporation and Dum — at a meeting in Netaji Indoor Stadium on Friday . It’s her most grounded judgment yet of the syndicate coercion hazard that specific intense segments are attempting to transform into a honest to goodness business.
The confirmation of the sharp home truth and the stern cautioning are sufficient sign that Mamata has observed the lessening triumph edges in Kolkata and its surroundings regardless of her gigantic triumph in the 2016 get together polls.Bidhannagar chairman Sabyasa chi Dutta made himself prominent by avoiding the meeting where his councilors came in for a dressing down. Toward the end of the meeting, Mamata requested a rundown of the non-attendants. “They will need to clarify why they didn’t turn up. I don’t request cash from councilors (to run the gathering). I can request a clarification. I won’t permit indiscipline,” the CM said.

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“Syndicate korar somoy mone thake na, sara rajya to syndicate kora sikheche apnader theke. Kajer belai nei. Dengue hobe keno? Jhogra hobe keno? (It’s you who offered shape to the syndicate business. The whole state came to think about this business from you. You are hesitant to work for the general population. Why does your territory have such a variety of dengue cases? Why is there so much quibbling?) Make Bidhannagar a model and work for the general population,” Banerjee forewarned. Indicating the great work done by Howrah Municipal Corporation, drove by chairman Rathin Chakraborty, the CM said: “Rathin is doing great work however there are some awful components in Howrah. Deal with them or else solid move will be made.”
Never has a CM uncovered her own group as Banerjee did on Friday, demonstrating that numerous more would meet the predicament of Salt Lake councilor Anindya Chatterjee, who is currently in prison on coercion charges. “I know everything. I would prefer not to name them. There are two councilors of Dum Municipality who requested Rs 30 lakh from a few people. Choose whether you will stay in vote or in note. A councilor (read Anindya Chatterjee) is as of now in prison. I might take away the freedom of others if necessary,” the CM cautioned. While impacting the gathering councilors, Mamata didn’t extra an area of Trinamool pioneers who has been pulling the strings. Swinging to Bidhannagar representative chairman Tapas Chatterjee and administrator Krishna Chakraborty, Mamata said, “Counsel Dola (Sen), Sabyasachi (Dutta), Sujit (Bose) and cooperate. I might not permit anybody to do anything against the general population.”
Grievances against supply syndicates and the resultant road battles between Trinamool ganglords host been coming to the get-together supremo for a long while. Bidhannagar leader Sabyasachi Dutta had freely recognized the nearness of syndicates yet denied any pressure. Prior to the get together surveys, police had gathered together a few feared syndicate administrators however their political supporters stayed on the loose.
Later, at another project, the CM commended Kolkata Police. “We may reprimand police on maybe a couple examples, where authorities are at flaw, yet we should likewise remember that these individuals take a shot at the boulevards round the year to make our bubbly days secure and upbeat,” she said. Calling Kolkata the most secure city in the nation , Mamata said that of the 9.2 crore populace of Bengal, a modest bunch may have endured inferable from a peace circumstance which was outside the ability to control of the police.
“The way of wrongdoing has changed. Not at all like the days of yore, wrongdoing is not any more just physical. The approach of digital wrongdoing has significantly expanded the limits of wrongdoing. At present a tweet can start a mob and an online journal can begin a flame. However, there is probably Kolkata is the most secure city on the planet and authorities of Kolkata Police are the most effective in the nation,” she said.

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