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The city of Kochi is known as ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’. There are many beautiful places to explore around here. Along with this, the city remains a center of species trading. This is very beautiful city to explore on the seashore. The beauty here attracts people towards it.

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Kochi placed on sixth position in the India’s best tourist attractions. If you are planning to explore Kochi, then there are many such places here which will attract you. If you talk about ancient times, Kochi is known as a port since the beginning. Originally Kochi came into existence after the fall of the Chera dynasty in the 12th century. Here are many major tourist attractions here which are:

Mattancherry Palace: –

The Mattchenchery Palace is located in Kochi and is also known as the Dutch palace. It presents a rich blend of different cultures that made Kochi their own house. Tourists every year attracted towards it.

Kochi Fort: –

Kochi Fort is a part of Kochi city but it is situated across seashore. A strong bridge connects the Kochi fort to the rest of the world. This place is very special for tourists in terms of history, art, food and religion.

Cherai Beach: –

Cherai Beach is one of the popular beaches of Kochi. Local residents and tourists come here to enjoy the view of the sunrise and sunset.

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St. Francis Church: –

St. Francis Church is India’s first European church, which was built in 1503. Witnessing numerous attacks and countless agreements, this church enjoys significant place in Kochi’s cultural history.