Know about the tale of Ramanujacharya


Ramanujacharya, the champion of Visishtadvaita rationality is a renowned worldwide acharya in Vaishnavism. His basic life, resolute commitment, grandiose considering and a profound feeling of uniformity are appreciated by all individuals independent of religion, station and doctrine. His commitment to Vaishnavism and Lord Vishnu sanctuaries is marvelous. His life and lessons have propelled millions into a conferred and genuine religious life and dedication to Lord Vishnu. Here is the spectacular story of Ramanujacharya.

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Ramanujacharya was conceived in Sriperumbudur, Tamilnadu in 1017. His folks were Asuri Kesava and Kantimati who had a place with highborn families. At sixteen years old, Ramanujacharya was hitched to a young lady named Rakshakambal. His dad kicked the bucket four months after his marriage and not long after Ramanujacharya left for Kanchi to ponder non-dualistic logic under a Guru named Yadava, who was a famous researcher.


Ramanujacharya submitted himself to the lessons of Vedanta or Advaita earnestly. Be that as it may, he couldn’t thoroughly concur with what Advaita said. Amid two examples, he went into a modest debate with his Guru. Enraged by his demonstration, his Guru Yadava rebuked him and exiled him from the ashram saying that on the off chance that he was so skilled he could begin his own school of thought and educate the world. Ramanujacharya noiselessly left the ashram and began his own particular little school at his home which turned out to be so prominent to welcome a ton of supporters.

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Visishtadvaita as the significance of the term goes (qualified nondualism) can be portrayed as an improvement over the Advaita. Ramanujacharya was never in for comparing the individual soul or Jivatma with the preeminent godhead. He said in subjective terms, the individual soul varied from the incomparable soul and truth be told, it is a section or organ of the preeminent self. In this manner the obligation of the individual soul or people is to serve the preeminent soul. Therefore, Ramanujacharya’s Visishtadvaita supported the way of dedication over the way of learning propounded by Advaita.


The developing prevalence of Ramanujacharya sowed the seeds of desire in his Guru Yadava and alternate followers of the ace. They chose that Ramanujacharya was a danger to the nondualistic rationality and thus should have been murdered. They charmed Ramanujacharya to go with them for a journey to the Ganges. Honest of their plans, Ramanujacharya went along with them alongside his dedicated follower Govinda. In transit, Govinda found the detestable plans, took Ramanujacharya to a desolate timberland and clarified him the abhorrent plans. He requested that Ramanujacharya escape and told the gathering that he was slaughtered by a tiger. The gathering was cheerful and left the place.

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Ramajujacharya came to be roused by Yamunacharya who went to him from Srirangam, the habitation Lord Vishnu. He acknowledged him as his Guru and upon the demise of his Guru in Srirangam later Ramanujacharya took three promises to spread the reasoning of dedication, compose an editorial to Vedanta sutra and furthermore spread the beliefs instructed by Parasara Muni. Later his previous Guru Yadava and his different followers came to him and acknowledged him as their Guru. Ramanujacharya spread the hallowed way of commitment till the age of 120 and afterward entered Vaikunt, the perfect habitation Lord Vishnu.