Know About Some Surprising Facts Of Deodorant!


1.Deodorant doesn’t completely stop the sweating-

It is a fact that deodorant doesn’t stops the sweating completely. Therefore, if you find any FDA labelled deodorant as ‘all day protection’, then it means sweat will only reduce by 20%. Whereas, ‘extra strength’ labelled then it will reduce sweat by 30%. So, it is suggested to wear comfortable clothes to lessen up the sweating.

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2. Visible Yellow stains-

The aluminum-based ingredients of the deodorants shows a negative reaction with the skin, sweat, shirt or the laundry detergent. It causes yellow stains, so use those deodorants which does not have aluminium ingredients in it.

Image result for 10 Surprising Things You Should Know About Deodorant3. Deodorants are ‘Unisex’-

Deodorants are unisex, but there is only the difference of either scent, fragrance or the packaging. Both feminine and masculine deodorants have the same ingredients. Most women prefer sweet a scent and guys prefer a much masculine scent. Thus it is all okay to use any of them, for example, most of the women uses masculine deodorants because of it’s fragrance.

Image result for 10 Surprising Things You Should Know About Deodorant4. Apply deodorant before going to bed-

Deodorant stays for a long time when applied before going to bed. It is because the fragrance does not get blocked by sweating.

5. Use deodorant on dry feet-

To reduce the odor or wetness of your feet, use deodorant before sleeping at night.

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6. Kills odor-causing bacteria-

The odor of sweat is caused by the bacteria which makes the armpits and feet stink. Most of the deodorant have an antibacterial content that prevents the bacteria as well as the foul smell.

Image result for 10 Surprising Things You Should Know About Deodorant7. Deodorant acts as a hand sanitizer-

The alcohol content in the hand sanitizers kills bacteria in the armpits by causing odor. it also helps in drying it up, to avoid wet underarms. Make sure not to use deodorant on a regular basis as it may dry out your armpits.