How to know Reliance Jio Balance


With Jio being a paid service from April 1, huge numbers of the people reading this have probably gotten a prepaid recharge done by now. In case you’re reading this after April 1, then you might need to know what your balance is. Obviously, all calls are free on Reliance Jio, thus your balance is going to be used to pay for your chosen data plan, and obviously, excess data consumption.

whether you’re a Jio Prime client or not, checking your balance will be essential, and as per Jio’s site, there are two ways to check your balance – yet both of these require Internet access. We tried both to ensure they’re working properly, and had no issues. These are the steps you need to follow to check your balance.

On your phone

Checking your balance on your phone is a very simple process, that won’t take a minute to do.

Launch the MyJio application on your Jio connected phone

Tap on Open next to MyJio to enter the application

Tap on Sign In**, and enter your username (phone number) and password, or tap on Sign in with SIM

Go to the menu by swiping in from the left or tap the three-lines menu button.

Tap on My plans

That is it. This screen will show you the details of your balance and validity, including the amount of prepaid data, Wi-Fi data, and SMS calls you can make.

On your PC

If you can’t look up this on your Jio phone – maybe your data isn’t working, and you want to check if there is balance – the procedure is equally simple.


Login with your phone number and password

Tap on My Plans to see your balance and the other details

It’s as simple as that. On a few different sites, we additionally saw people state that you can send a SMS to 55333 with the text MBAL, or dial *333#, but neither of these strategies worked when we tried them on numerous numbers using Jio.