Know interesting things about this world’s biggest rabbit


Well you might have seen the rabbit as well. Generally the rabbits are small and underweight. But we are going to tell you about a rabbit which is the world’s largest rabbit. You will be amazed to know about this rabbit. Actually, this rabbit named Darius, weighs 22 kg.

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Image result for Know interesting things about this world's biggest rabbitLet us tell you that Darius is also named in the Guinness Book of World because of being the world’s largest rabbit. The height of this rabbit is 4 feet 4 inches. The 62-year-old Anton Edwards celebrates You may be surprised to know that this rabbit’s height is bigger than Ann’s 5-year-old daughter. Talking about the diet of this rabbit, then it consumes carrot, cabbage, apple and other fruits in more than 4 thousand quantities throughout the year.

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You will be stunned to know that the cost of this rabbit’s diet for one year is two lakh rupees. Actually the rabbit’s owner feeds him a lot of food, but the rabbit’s stature is so big. Not only this, but the relatives of NT say that this rabbit is also fond of watching TV. This is a rabbit species of Darius Continental Giant Rabbit. The age of such rabbits is usually up to 4-5 years but if they are looked after properly, they can survive for 7 years.