Know what Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya gift their team to celebrate their win!


A week ago, it was the dancing twosome of Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya that brought home the heart-formed winning trophy of Nach Baliye 8!

Moved by the triumph, an emotional Vivek expressed gratitude toward their choreographer and colleagues in his triumphant speech.

In any case, that wasn’t all.

To reward the colleagues for their unfathomable help, Vivek and Divyanka tgifted luxurious mobile phones to them too!


(#LoveLetter only the patient lot must read) Dear #NachBaliye8, I've been clueless since last three days about my next Insta post. How could I summerize you in a single post? You were not an event, you were a journey! You were a reality we were ready to face but didn't know how harsh yet delightful you'd turn out to be! _______ We both entered as simple contestants and towards the mid season you turned us into #Warriors! Every week saw new injuries, changing tapes and supports but the courage – undying! We took pride in every scar, as they told the stories of the battles we won! _______ Further, you turned us into #HopelessRomantics! We fought and fell deeper in love! We struggled together and became the best partners in crime! We discovered how beautiful marriage could be, only we need to be #InSync! _______ Nach, they say you are a popularity, public vote based show. I Thank you, for making us realize that we have #AudienceLove, that can't be bought or manipulated! Few things we know but we don't realize till they happen to us! I randomly asked people why they voted, they said they liked our journey, they felt our struggle and they loved us! LOVE! Isn't that we all want? You channelised it to us… Thank you Nach! _______ For the makers, you might be a business model, for us, you became our life. It was never about winning you… It was about living you. We breathed you 24×7. Even In our dreams! Carrying the legacy forward after winning it, I promise we wouldn't leave the path of hard work, focus and perseverance with dignity that we learnt from you. _______ We both are missing you already! _______ Love, Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya

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According to reports in one of the leading newspaper , Vivek had prior jokingly asked his partners what gifts they ought to expect if the couple wins the prize. Accordingly, choreographers Vaibhav and Asutosh had requested extravagance cell phones, in particular IPhone Plus and Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus.

All things considered, turns out the winner jodi had not forgotten their promise!

Astounded by the gifts, choreographer Asutosh as of late set up a sweet post expressing gratitude toward Vivek and Divyanka for satisfying their desires!

Beforehand, after their win, Divyanka had additionally shared a sweet message for the creators and the channel and everybody behind the reality show.

The star couple had got married a year ago. The two ended up noticeably well known for featuring in the hit appear, ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’.