Know Beauty hacks of Moringa oil here!


You may have not heard about Moringa oil but let me tell you this oil has lot of beneficial ingredients that works well on skin. This oil is hauled out from seeds of the Moringa tree recognized as the drumstick tree in India. This oil has fascinating smell and has a beautiful golden shade. It is very helpful in moisturising the skin and conditioning the hair. Check out other benefits of this oil here:

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Makes skin moisturized

Moringa Oil contains high moisturising properties that are very helpful in rough, dry skin. It helps to make skin soft and supple.

Contains Non-greasy moisturizer

Moringa Oil act as a perfect moisturizer as it provides glow to the skin and it gets engrossed in the skin right away. It can be applied in all types of skin including oily, dry.

Involves Anti-ageing properties

Moringa Oil has anti-oxidants and vitamin E that refreshes skin and makes it glowing. It helps to treat wrinkles and lower blemishes.

Used as a serum

Moringa oil is very beneficial for hair as it work as a conditioner because of its non-greasy properties. All you need to do is, apply this oil on your face and hair in the morning to get shine.

Perfect Body oil

Moringa oil must be applied after bath as it will keep your skin moisturized whole day. It is lightweight in nature. Don’t apply this oil on your clothes.

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Act as a Hair serum

Make sure that you apply few drops of Moringa oil on your hair to keep it curly. This oil helps to nourish your hair and make it shiny.